Top 5 Modern Trendy Hairstyles for Saree

Gone are the days when buns were used as hairstyles for sarees. In today’s trend, a hairstyle for a saree is based on two principles- it should not digress from the saree, and it should match the drape’s dressy nature. 

Unfortunately, it might sound easier in words, but when it comes to implementing it, women can find it challenging. For instance, a minimal party bun can come in handy with a heavy Kanjeevaram saree. 

On the other hand, a sleek chiffon ensemble saree will look better with a modern, trendy hairstyle. With that said, here are five unique hairstyles that are timeless for any kind of saree and are carefully handpicked to ease the streamlining process of finding the perfect one for their hair!

5 Outstanding Hairstyles that Look Gorgeous on a Saree

Sarees are the eternal embodiment of elegance and grace. Therefore, just like perfectly woven masterpieces, the right hairstyle paired together can bring out their original shine. Subsequently, choose a hairstyle that complements the fabric and drape, highlighting the face’s best features and reflecting every woman’s unique personality. 

Finally, pick up the best hair spray for women to flaunt throughout the day to keep the hairstyle intact! Here are some timeless hairstyles best suited for sarees:

1.Voluminous Waterfall Braid

This is the best hairstyle to pair with any designer saree. It can add a touch of detail and uniqueness with minimal effort, making women stand out. The creation of this hairstyle is pretty straightforward. 

Begin by using the strands near the temple and braid downwards. In between, incorporate strands from the top section while braiding down, allowing them to cascade like a waterfall. Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the temple to make it appear symmetrical.

2.Half Updo

The half-updo is the most versatile hairstyle that goes with any ethnic outfit and gives a touch of modern minimalism. To make it interesting, adding a Gajra can make it even more stunning. To begin styling, curl the hair and comb a few times until the beachy waves appear.

Then, gather the hair to make a half-up bun and keep it in place using a hair tie. Subsequently, pull out some strands close to the face to get a playful look. Finally, complete the hairstyle by adding accessories from simple flowers to clips and beads!

3.Messy High Bun

This simple hairstyle can complete every look in a saree. All that goes into it are some funky clips and a messy bun to spice up the vibe. To create this hairstyle, halve the hair horizontally. 

Then, backcomb the lower half carefully to gain more volume. Next, cover the lower half with the top half and keep smoothening it with your fingers. Finally, gather the rest of the hair into a bun. To make it look stylish, pull out some strands near the face to get a balanced look. Couple it with some super cute clips beside the bun to complete the entire look! 

4.Half Crown Braid
Do you want to vibe up the look in a saree? If yes, then pair a saree with this modern, trendy hairstyle comprising fishtail braids with wavy hair to get a cute, playful look. Making this hairstyle is pretty simple. Begin by curling the hair into loose curls. 

Then, take strands near the ear and plait a fishtail till the center of the hair. Do this starting from each side of the ear. Finally, after completing on both sides, twist the ends to create a bun out of it and keep it in place with a pin. That’s all about it! 

5.Loose French Braid

Suitable for any occasion, the loose French braid hairstyle effortlessly gives sarees with printed casual cotton to intricate borders a modern, trendy, and chic outlook. Begin this hairstyle by creating a French braid from the temple, loosening it down to one side of the head, and adding a newer hair section while plaiting downwards. 

Once it is complete, secure it with an elastic and loosen a few strands to give it a relaxed look. Then, to keep the texture intact for hours, use texture hair powder to flaunt it all day!

Conclusion: Have these hairstyles ignited the stylist spark in you? Then, pick the best hairstyle to match your stunning saree and conquer the world! Collaborate with Amit Bhardwaj to uplift your style by styling your hair according to your independent preference.