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Amit Bhardwaj Hair Stylist

Amit Bhardwaj

Renowned across India as a trailblazing hair stylist, Amit Bhardwaj has become synonymous with exceptional bridal and party hairstyles. With his unparalleled skills and unwavering dedication, Amit has mastered the art of creating exquisite looks that leave a lasting impression. Such is his reputation that clients eagerly book his services a minimum of 4 months in advance to ensure their special day is adorned with his magical touch.

Background and Expertise

Inspired by

Inspired by the desire to provide our clients with exceptional products that elevate their hairstyling experience, we are proud to introduce our signature hair spray called AB CREATION’S NON AEROSOL TEXTURE HAIR SPRAY. This revolutionary product is the result of Amit Bhardwaj’s years of expertise, meticulous research, and dedication to creating superior hair care solutions.

AMit Bhardwaj Hair Spray
Texture Hair Spray Bottle Front
The Product

Texture Hair Spray

Our advanced formula strikes the perfect balance between medium hold, anti frizz nature, effortless style & anti flyaways. Whether you desire a voluminous red-carpet look, a sleek and polished finish, or a playful and tousled texture, AB Creation hair spray is your ultimate partner in achieving the hairstyle of your dreams.


AB Creation

AB Creation apart is its versatility and adaptability to all hair types and styles. From luscious curls to straight and silky strands, our hair spray is designed to enhance and amplify your hair’s natural beauty, allowing you to express yourself with confidence. It’s lightweight and non-gastic formula ensures that your hair remains soft, touchable, and free from residue, even after multiple applications.


At AB Creation, we are committed to your satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations. We take pride in offering not just a product, but an entire experience that reflects the passion, expertise, and artistry of Amit Bhardwaj. Our dedication to quality and innovation ensures that every bottle of AB Creation hair spray delivers impeccable performance, leaving you with stunning, long-lasting results that turn heads wherever you go.


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