4 Stylish Hairstyles with Lehenga

It’s common for women to let loose their hair while wearing lehengas for many special occasions, especially weddings. This is because they must look stylish yet comfortable for long hours without the pins pricking the head. But doesn’t it look pretty odd if you hand around with your lehenga with the same hairstyle, just like your regular hair, and be one with the rest of the crowd out there? 

So, why not be a change amongst the crowd surrounding you and steal the spotlight? For that, continue reading this post It has carefully selected 4 stylish hairstyles with lehengas just for you to adorn your hair and make your day special and memorable!

Top 4 Stylish Hairstyles Matching Lehangas to Ooze Out Your Glamour

Choosing the right hairstyle is all about comfort so that it doesn’t weigh you down while wearing it. So, check out the four timeless, stylish hairstyles that can be done with or without a hair styling powder for all occasions to help you radiate your beauty!

1. Curls with a Single Diagonal Braid

For those seeking a minimalist and glamorous look, this hairdo is the perfect match. You can achieve this hairstyle by curling your hair in an inward pattern to get a cascading look and then braiding the hair diagonally, taking a strand from one side.

Also, to make the knot look a little bit softer, insert the hair you are braiding into the sides rather than the center so as to make the braid look diagonal. Finally, add some flower clips on each knot of the braid before putting your lehenga to step up your charm so you can flaunt it on your special occasions!

2. Short Hair

Who said short hair cannot pair up with lehengas? Actually, this is a false myth because you can get some cool, relaxed looks if you try this hairstyle with a lehenga. For women with bob hair, this is the style on trend, where all you need to do is tong it so that you can get profound volume and texture to your hair.

This can glam up your appearance to look edgy, sleek, and classy, much more like a retro kind of style. Even for this hairstyle, you can pin a few flowers and match it with a heavy lehenga. Try it as you will feel pleased and special!

3. Braided Bun

This is an in-demand and popular hairstyle that pairs well with lehenga choli. The overall looks of this hairstyle can make you look fashionable and girly, the very feminine you always wanted to look like. Luckily, you needn’t spend hours doing this hairstyle right? Just take strands from both sides of your head and begin braiding. Then, tie it up in the form of a bun.

Alternatively, you can also create tight curls and a twisted braid to create a slightly different kind of the same style to pair with any lehenga. Additionally, adorning it with a few flowers makes you the perfect bride for a wedding!

4. Loose Curls

Are you still lingering on finding the perfect hairstyle for your lehenga? Then you can consider this option, a one-stop inspiring hairstyle that goes well with any kind of lehenga. This dazzling hairdo will surely achieve the razzle-dazzle stunning glimmer you always wished for with your lehenga.

Ideally speaking, there is no hairstyle comparable to letting your hair loose with some cascading curls that bounce as you move. To ensure the hairstyle stays in place, make a simple braid in a ‘U’ shape or create a twisted pattern in the front and secure it with a flower headpiece to notch up the look. However, to keep this hairstyle intact, pick up the best hair spray for hairstyling from https://bahairsolution.com/ to keep the look locked from dawn to dusk!


Don’t wait. Start experimenting today without waiting for the final day to choose the hairstyle you want for your lehenga! Remember to try all the hairstyles mentioned above and click a million pictures to flaunt with others and make your special occasion beautiful and memorable! So, let your wings of hairstyling begin now!